About Working on Wellness

The WOW MIssion

The mission of the MPCC WOW (Working on Wellness) program is to create an environment that fosters and encourages the health and well-being of the college family.

The MPCC “WOW” Concept ...

The concept of the Mid-Plains Community College “WOW, Working on Wellness” program is to provide opportunities for employees to develop and maintain balanced and healthy lifestyles. In addition, “WOW, Working on Wellness” will help create an environment within the institution that cultivates positive communication and healthy relationships, and in turn, will serve as a model for cultural and educational enrichment within the various communities of the MPCC area.

Wellness Is ...

Wellness is a term that has become more common during the last ten to fifteen years, yet few people really take the time to think about what it means for them and to apply it to their lives in personal and practical ways.

Simply put, wellness is the ongoing and active process of becoming aware of, and making choices toward, a more successful existence. In reference to our bodies and minds, wellness is a continual process through which we, as informed people, choose to make positive decisions toward optimal health and well-being. It is about making choices in your life that promote the healthiest lifestyle possible, including making good decisions regarding your physical health and safety, as well as your emotional health and overall well-being.

Improving Wellness ...

Improving wellness is important if we want to increase our chances of leading long and productive lives. To improve our wellness, we must begin to understand how to make better wellness choices by recognizing that every decision we make leads to future consequences – for the good or bad. If we choose to eat right and exercise, we are rewarded by longevity and health. If we choose to eat poorly or engage in behavior such as smoking, we experience the negative consequences associated with our behaviors.

Ultimately, if we decide to make positive and conscious choices to improve our mental and physical health, we will improve our wellness both individually and as a society.

What Does Wellness Mean to You ...

The MPCC WOW, Working on Wellness committee is interested in your ideas on wellness. Please feel free to email the committee with ideas and input on the areas of wellness that are of interest to you.

Email: Wellness Team -

WOW Campus Representatives

Questions about the Wellness program? Contact your respective campus representative for answers regarding the WOW, Working on Wellness Program:

MCC: Lana Stewart
NPCC North: Melissa Garcia
NPCC South: Denise Sullivan

MPCC Extended Campus Representatives
Broken Bow: Don Davis
Imperial: Brenda Ledall
Ogallala: Gail Knott
Valentine: Wendy Hayes