Wellness Awards & Honors


Mid-Plains Community College was recently selected by Neb. Gov. Dave Heineman to receive a 2010 Governor’s Excellence in Wellness award in recognition of the college’s WOW! Working on Wellness program. 
The “Sowers” award, which recognizes workplaces with quality wellness programs, was presented by Gov. Heineman and Dr. Joann Schaefer, Chief Medical Officer, at the Work Well Luncheon in Lincoln in October.
“These awards recognize employers for their serious commitment to employee well-being,” Gov. Heineman said. “Prevention and wellness efforts in the workplace have produced higher productivity, better employee satisfaction and helped control health care costs. Wellness works every time. These programs are helping more Nebraskans lead healthier lives.”
Factors considered for the award included the level of support for the program by company leaders, assessment of employee needs, wellness plan design, outcomes and benefits, and policies supporting healthy behaviors. Wellness programs typically provide employees with health education, health screenings and opportunities for exercise.
Dr. Schaefer stated, “Wellness programs empower employees to make good decisions about the health risk factors in their lives. They can help workers take action to avoid chronic illnesses that can adversely impact their health and affect their quality of life. We hope this award program will encourage more businesses to offer employee health and wellness programs.”
Nebraska businesses can apply for the Governor’s Excellence in Wellness Awards online at www.dhhs.nebraska.gov. Awards are presented annually and are good for three years. The award program is a partnership of the Office of the Governor, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, and WorkWell, Inc.





The Mid-Plains Community College WOW! Working on Wellness Team received the Rising Star in Wellness Award at the 6th Annual Safety and Worksite Wellness Conference that took place Oct. 7-8 in Kearney. Pictured from left to right are Melissa Garcia, Carol Garrison, Denise Poss, Peggy Woodruff, Gov. Dave Heineman, Wendy Schramm (WOW Team Chair), Peggy Calvin and Nancy Newman. WOW Team members not shown are Megan Friesen, Kelly Rippen, Lana Stewart, Martin Steinbeck and Trent Wiese.
This is awarded to new wellness programs developed within the last 2 years that have implemented the well workplace model and have created a strong foundation to continue to build their wellness program.